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AT&T Repairs

Uh-oh, your Pantech Mobile device is not operating properly. And that’s a bummer since being without it is like being without your best friend. No worries! We’re here to help. Did you know that some repairs can be made via a software upgrade or simply resetting the device to its original settings?

Check out the FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide on our Support pages. You’ll find instructions that can help you load a new software version, reset your device to factory defaults and more!

Still not working or didn’t find what you need? Then we encourage you to contact your wireless service provider. Your wireless service provider may support an advanced replacement program. More often than not, they’ll be able to provide a replacement device by mail or while you wait.

Visiting or contacting your wireless service provider can be the easiest and fastest way to get a “Warranty Exchange” replacement device.

AT&T Service & Technical Support: 1-800-331-0500, or 611 from your wireless phone

If all else has failed, then we’ve got just the thing. Whether your device is “In Warranty” or “Out of Warranty”, our repair process is fast and easy. If your device is “In Warranty”, we will repair and return it to you free of charge. If your device is “Out of Warranty”, we can repair and return your device for a flat service fee plus the cost of parts. Either way, your device will be repaired by factory trained technicians, using genuine Pantech parts, according to the quality standards of Pantech Mobile.

Phone Repairs

To obtain phone repairs or replacement within the terms of the Pantech Wireless Limited Warranty, the product should be delivered with Proof of Purchase, your return address, daytime phone number and a complete description of the problem via prepaid shipping to a Pantech Authorized Service Center.

Clicking the link below will send you to the web portal of the Pantech Authorized Service Center for your device. You will be asked to “Sign Up” to begin the repair process. We will link your contact information to your device’s repair order so we can proactively communicate with you during the repair process.

To get started, click this link:

Tablet Repairs

Please call (800) 962-8622 to speak to one of our Customer Service representatives. To make the tablet repair process as easy as possible, Pantech will provide pre-paid shipping both to and from our Service Center.

Note: You may have other warranty or insurance programs with your purchase, such as warranty exchange. If so, please refer to your original sale receipt(s) or retail point of sale.