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Pantech upgrades

Element Upgrades to Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS
element Ice Cream Sandwich logo

New User Features

  • Enhanced Home screen canvas switcher edit functionality (In the preview of home screen panels, users can change a main home screen panel).
  • Enhanced Multitasking and Notifications functionality.
  • Enhanced User Interface : Virtual buttons in System bar, contextual options in Action Bar.
  • Improved text input and spell-checking (Android keyboard)
  • Control over Network data and Powerful web browsing
  • New! Self mode and Panorama capture mode in camera.
  • New! Time-Lapse recording function in video camera.

UI Improvements

  • Improved user interface design with GL library.
  • Support for Native Sync of AT&T Address Book.
  • Improved lock screen.
  • Improved Quick Settings and Detail Settings.
  • Additional Improvement UI interfaces.

Note: All user data will be removed after OS upgrade. To prevent loss of personal data after the OS upgrade, please go to Google Play to use any of the Mobile backup applications available there.

You can also use AT&T Locker to store, sync and share your photos, videos and documents in one convenient place and can be accessed virtually anywhere.

  1. Step 1


    Once the .zip file is unzipped, double click the Pantech_Element_OsUpgradeTool_Ver2.0.0.exe file to begin the installation process. You will receive the following prompt: "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" Please select "Yes" to continue.

  2. Step 2


    You will have a popup screen preparing to install the Pantech Element OS Upgrade Tool InstallShield Wizard.

    Note: Click "Cancel" at any time to stop installation.

  3. Step 3


    You will have a popup screen welcoming you to the Pantech Element OS Upgrade Tool InstallShield Wizard. Click "Next" to continue.

  4. Step 4


    Upon completion of the installation tool, check "Yes, I want to launch Pantech Element OS Upgrade Tool now" and then click "Finish".

  5. Step 5


    Please wait a moment while the Upgrade Tool connects to your Pantech Element device.

  6. Step 6


    Once the dialogue box confirms that the device is connected, please click "Next" to continue.

  7. Step 7


    Once again, you will be prompted to accept the agreement. Please do this prior to clicking "Start". Installation process takes a few minutes, please do not disconnect device during process.

  8. Step 8


    When you are prompted that the upgrade is completed, you may press close. At this time, the process is complete. Please follow on screen instructions to finish installation process on device.