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with Pantech Mobile

Life can be complicated.
Your mobile experience shouldn’t be.

That’s why we create mobile devices that make your life easier. While some devices require an engineering degree to operate, we think that staying connected and sharing your world should be easy. You’ve got better things to do with your time.

Why Pantech

At Pantech Mobile, you don’t have to choose between substance and style, and you don’t have to pay a premium price to get premium features. We’re obsessed with creating products that excite, empower and inspire you to live life, share life and stay connected.

What Makes Us Different


When you buy a Pantech Mobile device, you aren’t paying for an expensive marketing campaign or celebrity spokesperson. By keeping our focus on creating an amazing mobile experience for our customers, we make sure that we can offer our products at a competitive price for you to enjoy without breaking the bank.


It’s always better to lead than to follow. At Pantech Mobile, innovation isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. With ground-breaking product innovations like the first ever waterproof tablet, the Pantech Element, and the dual user interfaces of the Pantech Breeze and Flex Android smartphone, we’re constantly pushing the envelope in order to deliver a ‘Wow’ experience every time.


Award-winning design isn’t just about making products that look good. It’s also about making sure that they feel good in your hands and are easy to use. With sleek designs, cool colors and easy portability, Pantech Mobile’s portfolio is full of robust options for every consumer.


Rated consistently high from our carrier partners, Pantech Mobile's commitment to quality is in everything we do from the design of our products to the user's experience. Our devices stand up to the rigors of everyday life and proves that not paying an arm & a leg doesn't mean sacrificing product quality for your mobile experience.

Something For Everyone

Basic & QMP: We realize that not everyone is looking for a smartphone with the latest apps and features. Our portfolio of quick messaging and basic phones offer a perfect mobile solution for high volume texting and social networking with compact, stylish designs, functionality and affordability.

Smartphones: Our smartphones are stylish, easy to use and come with the latest Android technology. Capture stunning photos and videos, share status updates, and enjoy movies, games and apps with ease. With so many different styles to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one that matches your style.

Tablets & Other Devices: If you need more computing power and added mobility, Pantech Mobile has the solution. Our Element tablet is lifeproof and spillproof, letting you stay connected whether at the pool, beach, living room or office. And when you need access to 4G Internet speeds on the go, our USB modems turn your laptop into a mobile powerhouse.